Early Worms

Out of the daily doodles and random lines, sometimes something really inspiring and simple appears and becomes a continuing theme in your work. These little worm-like creatures became an obsession sometime in 2015. I did over 40 acrylic paintings of many sizes as well as doodled them wherever I could. Eventually I coined the name Early Worms.

I think it’s pretty cool that even something entirely imagined can adhere to a sort of logic of imagery and physics.

I started doing acrylic paintings for the Early Worms and ended up doing tons of variations on the theme. Check out a few of them below, including a 3.5 ft by 4 ft worm.

I like to think each drawing is actual size, which inspires me to do a huge painting or sculpture someday. Hey, it could happen! I already have so many that I’m trying to get rid of them.

If you’re interested in purchasing either acrylic paintings or prints, Early Worm original acrylic paintings are available on Etsy HERE and prints are available on Society6 HERE. I’ve also got some more exciting Early Worm projects coming up! Stay tuned.

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