Randy’s Notebook Ep.1 – Enter Sandman

Randy battles the Sandworms living in his backyard with the help of his dog Chunks and no help from Travis.

Randy’s Notebook is a series of video shorts that was a ton of fun to make. Each episode is a retelling of Randy’s day through the lens of his extremely powerful imagination and charismatic drawings, in first person. Randy (12 years old) is one of those characters who just seems to come to life right off the bat. I would love to make more of these.

The series was created by Dave Cain and myself. I provided the art and the Randy voiceover for the episodes. The shorts were originally produced for the sketch comedy group Hungry Zoo.

This series was produced by Dave Cain and myself. Credits for this episode: Dave Cain…Director/Editor/Camera. Art and Randy Voiceover by Spencer Smith. Written by Dave Cain and Spencer Smith.